CR fabrication services stand up to the toughest operating conditions.

Key Specifications

  • Hardfacing + overlay innovation
  • Structural Fabrication
  • CQMS Razer Service and Support
  • Extreme Resistance and Protection
  • Technical Expertise and Advice


Product Details

Hardfacing + Overlay Innovation

Many wear products need flow surface, crutch or leading edge wear protection. A hard facing overlay allows very specifically, and highly-effective wear protection. We have standard hard facing, PTAW and tungsten carbide overlay patterns designed from years of field operations to suit specific applications such as teeth and adaptors – and the knowledge to customise. All of our work is undertaken in compliance with our in-house specifications to choose the optimum alloys, welding procedure, and part-heat preparation.

Structural Fabrication

Building on our deep knowledge of the size and operational needs of the mining industry, we have the expertise and facilities to deliver large fabrications – for shutdown maintenance or new project work. From tender and project coordination, through to documented and certified fabrication to support during site installation, we have the right combination of fabrication service and support.

CR Service and Support

Our superior product range is backed up by fast delivery and the highest level of service and support. Committed to the longevity and efficiency of your operations, we offer regular on-site inspections, wear audits and performance evaluations to identify appropriate, cost-effective solutions for all your wear, plate and block needs – when and where you need it most.

Extreme Resistance and Protection

We can design custom parts to meet your exact specifications. There are over 2,500 standard shapes, many of which are stocked and available for delivery from our warehouses.


Technical Expertise and Advice

Best known for our extensive product knowledge, technical innovation and expertise, we develop precise specifications for all your speciality and custom wear products.

Our technical team offers:

  • Extensive capability in product design and development
  • On-site product trials for proven performance
  • Liner material upgrades and improvements
  • Detailed technical information for cutting and fabrication
  • Wear packages, design, and layouts for draglines, excavators, rope shovels and dippers.

CR also use a variety of alloys such as molybdenum, vanadium, boron, nickel, and tungsten to meet individual project and environmental conditions — from high heat or increased impact resistance to fine particle dust abrasion.

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