Berkeley TLC Lip

The Berkeley Forge Front End Loader Lip comprises an innovative system with all components mechanically attached to ensure an easy and safe changeout for mine personnel.

Key Specifications

  • 100% mechanical attached lip hardware
  • 100% Hammerless – quick change out
  • Increased production
  • Single adapter and  single lip shroud
  • Spade and splay geometry and low profile hardware
  • Optional tooth shapes and duty to match the application
  • All critical components are forged and hardened alloy steel

CR Berkeley Forge TLC Wheel Loader Lip

Product Details

Front End Loaders

Berkeley Forge TLC Lips are a uniquely designed lip geometry system, with all Hammerless TLC hardware working in tandem to prevent Lip wear and, in particular, wear to critical fit dimensions due to sliding material and impact.

The result is indefinite lip life, extended period between repairs, less lip repair costs, greater hardware security, fast and safe hardware changes.

With more than 75 years servicing the mining industry, Berkeley Forge specializes in innovative and extreme duty Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T) and Lip systems for Electric Mining Shovels, and Mining Class Front End Loaders.

The Berkeley Forge Front End Loader Lip comprises a technically innovative system with all components (including the wear plates) mechanically attached to ensure an easy and safe change out for the mine personnel.

The spade front end loader lip provides improved digging penetration due to the low profile of the adapter and the shrouds.

Single Adapter and Single Shroud Lip protection simplify inventory on-site, making ordering and managing Inventory easier for our mining customers.

The Forged Allow Steel Frond End Loader includes a mechanical wear plate for optimal lip protection.

This product is suitable for the following machines:

  • CAT992-CAT994
  • L1350-L2350
  • WA1200

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