Safety and Innovation Key to Tomago Facility Success

Fabrication and repair services for the Hunter Valley and Newcastle

The CQMS Razer Tomago facility in Australia offers a range of fabrication, repair, value-add, and process capabilities, servicing the Hunter Valley and Newcastle.

John Barbagallo, CQMS Razer CEO, said the organization’s facility at Tomago designs and manufactures a broad range of conveyor, rubber, and polyurethane accessories for a variety of applications.

“Our products are designed to maximize performance while minimizing ongoing maintenance requirements, helping to deliver the lowest cost of ownership possible.

With 40 years’ experience manufacturing innovative products and servicing the mining, government, manufacturing, and hydraulics industries, our philosophy of continuous improvement underpins the high quality of our work practices.

Zero Harm

The company is committed to providing and maintaining a work environment which is free from harm. We believe that people make the difference in our business and CQMS Razer looks to continually support our employees to deliver a safe workplace where we value and care for our fellow colleagues to make sure everyone is safe.

A big safety milestone was celebrated at the Tomago facility earlier this year – seven years (over 2,500 days) without a Lost Time Injury (LTI). This is a remarkable achievement for a site that undertakes the type of heavy industry work typically done at Tomago,” John said.

Over the last year, CQMS Razer has implemented a number of safety initiatives across the organization and at Tomago, including:

  • Implementation of a rotator for hardface welding of parts. This eliminates the practice of rolling very heavy parts over to weld the underside and also eliminates the need for specific jigs to ensure the welder has the right ergonomic set up.
  • Fabrication and design of a gas bottle access ramp/platform to reduce manual handling risks when taking gas bottles out of their storage cages.
  • Installation of a new wall crane in the warehouse which decreased forklift/pedestrian interaction.Implementation of the TAKE 2 initiative across all company sites which encourages employees to stop and think about every task they are conducting to keep themselves safe.
  • Constant reinforcement and celebration of safety wins and improvements, across people, processes, and systems.

“There is no doubt that seven years without an LTI is a result of significant commitment and dedication by everyone. And for the future, we strive to have every single person at Tomago making excellent personal decisions every day on being safe every day,” John said.

CR Mining Tomago

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