CR’s Pursuit and Roadmap to Go Beyond Zero Harm

CR’s unwavering commitment in our pursuit to go beyond zero harm has driven us to embark on a journey to approach the way safety is done differently within the organization.

Safety differently human performance steps

In August 2022, we commenced our roadmap to change in partnership with Universal Safety Wellness Pty Ltd and set off on a roadshow across Australia. Engaging and empowering our people from all parts of our business to work together to strengthen our human and organizational performance.

Our roadshow started at Maryborough (QLD), followed by Goodna (QLD), Murrarie (QLD), Mackay (QLD), and Tomago (NSW), before ending at Welshpool (WA).

During our roadshow, we ran workshops and spoke about ways to challenge and do safety differently. Including questions about what motivates us and our decision-making and identifying what good looks like. According to one of our CR team members, “what good look like is CR’s future”.

Here is a glimpse of CR’s future which includes empowering our people to make safer decisions and actions.

Our People = Our Future

Collage of pictures of team CR at our safety differently workshops

During the roadshow, the contribution by all was outstanding and engaging at each location.

To support our people, and build the courage to speak, intervene, and challenge. Participants in each session were able to speak honestly and be given the opportunity to be part of the case for change to support CR create and maintain an injury-free work environment.

The workshops were only the beginning of our journey and roadmap to change, and there is still much more to do and embed in the way CR does safety differently.

So, what’s next?

Our new posters highlighting our journey ahead are coming to a CR site near you.

Key Checkpoints to Look Out For

We’re embarking on the next stage of the roadmap to change. You will be informed of checkpoints to navigate to, to support us all at CR to get to our next destination on the roadmap to change.

Checkpoints for you to look forward to include:

  • CR’s connecting with care and active mindfulness communication and conversations with all parts of the business throughout the year.
  • The endorsement and supported progress of site-specific action plans, developed from conversations had in the roadshow workshops.
  • The establishment of supporting tools/building blocks to strengthen and improve human performance and embed CR’s culture of care and wellbeing.
  • Continued human performance coaching and development support.

Remember that Together We Will Make a Difference

Map of CR's Australian offices

You don’t have to wait to reach the checkpoints to continue on your journey to strengthen your performance. Instead, remember each and every day to answer the following questions before you take part in starting your job:

  1. What motivates me to work safely every day?
  2. What is currently influencing my decision-making?
  3. Are my motivations, decisions, and actions a line to help keep me safe?