Meet Denisse

Denisse is our Marketing Partner and Events Manager based in Portland and has worked at CR Powered by Epiroc since 2020.

She describes her role as ‘collaborative.’ 

Denisse gained experience in different industries before starting with CR as a Marketing Coordinator. She was promoted to Associate Product Marketing Manager before landing her role as the Marketing Partner and Events Manager for The Americas.

CR Powered by Epiroc is fortunate to have Denisse, who is responsible for regional and co-marketing plans and events in North and South America.  

 ‘I work as a bridge between CR and our partners from a marketing perspective to ensure brand consistency and engagement across all of the cultures which we work within.’ 

Denisse loves working within other cultures and has traveled to many countries and American states for various CR Powered by Epiroc events. Denisse says her favorite aspect of working with CR is, ‘collaborating with people from all over the world – especially on site, in high-vis, with end users.’ On top of her love of different countries, she speaks Spanish and English, which is quite handy for her role. 

Many of the senior leaders at CR have supported and guided Denisse in her current position.

‘The senior leaders have created an environment that has kept the industry interesting and have been great role models.’ 

A day in the life for Denisse involves waking up early to collaborate with colleagues in Latin America. Then, she touches base with the team in the US regarding their support needs and any projects they are working on. After a coffee (or two!) Denisse makes time for Australia as they start their workday. Throughout her day, she will brief creatives, plan upcoming events, and liaise with partners and dealers.  

In her free time, Denisse enjoys kayaking, crafting, and hiking with her dog, Arlo.  

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