CR Offers 12 Weeks Paid Parental Leave For Primary Caregivers

Secondary caregivers will have access to 2 weeks of paid leave, with entitlements available in cases of adoption as well.

CR has announced a new parental leave policy for US and Australian employees designed to support new parents during a transition that is both exciting and challenging.

Key aspects of the new policy include:

  • 12 weeks of paid parental leave for primary caregivers in the US and Australia
  • 2 weeks of paid parental leave for secondary caregivers in those countries
  • 5 days of paid domestic violence leave for Australian staff

“As a first-time father, navigating the options to support my wife in such an exciting, but daunting time for us both felt like an added pressure. The additional support for fathers & secondary carers really demonstrates the care and flexibility CR offers its team,” said Damian Assaillit, General Manager of Growth and Innovation.

“As new parents, we are so thankful for the extra support CR offers, it means I can both support our family and spend some extra quality time with our first child over the course of 12 months – and do so knowing I can plan ahead and maximize my contribution in the workplace at CR.”

“This is a great initiative and reflects the progressiveness of CR and the value they place on flexibility, care, and support of their people.”

It’s just another way that CR supports work-life balance and flexible work.