Meet Katie

Katie started working with CR Powered by Epiroc in 2011 and is currently in the role of Product Manager for Surface and Underground Mining. She says her role involves,

“Ensuring the company’s future with a robust mining product pipeline.”

And she describes her role as “strategic.”

Katie completed a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and landed her first role at CR Powered by Epiroc in Technical Documentation.

Katie flags the mentorship CR Powered by Epiroc has provided as part of her success, with various senior leaders across the category and engineering teams providing invaluable support.

Her favorite aspect of working in the company is that she “…is always given the opportunity to learn new skills in the workplace.”

“CR Powered by Epiroc is a growing company with a start-up mindset, striving to achieve success through an agile, customer centric approach, excellent supply support and to excel in innovation in not only our products, but all areas of the business.”

Katie’s role allows flexibility so that she can perform at her best.

“I am not a morning person, so the flexibility of CR Powered by Epiroc is great. There is a fantastic understanding between my manager and me, regarding the negotiation of working hours and working from home.”

A few of Katie’s daily tasks as Product Manager for Surface and Underground Mining consist of market and competitor research, understanding market and commodity trends, reviewing new product ideas, and evaluating their value to the company, especially to our customers and partners across the globe.

Outside of the office, Katie binge-watches Netflix, rides motorcycles, and enjoys painting – hopefully not simultaneously!

We appreciate you, Katie.