New Lifting Hook improving safety in the field

A new engineering solution delivers a safer and more secure method for lifting G.E.T. in the field.

December 9, 2019

CQMS Razer engineers have developed an innovative solution to reduce safety risks during routine maintenance of G.E.T and cast lips in the field.

The CQMS Razer Universal Lifting Hook provides customers with a safer, more secure and quicker method for lifting worn G.E.T. during maintenance.

More durable than slings or other improvised lifting devices, the Universal Lifting Hook is specifically designed to improve the safe handling of worn Quicktips, Adapters and Boxpoints keeping our customers safe.

The Universal Lifting Hook can lift any size of CQMS Razer Quicktip, Adapter and Boxpoint by inserting the large section of the hook through the pin hole. It can be used to install new G.E.T. by attaching the small hook to the lifting eye included on all new G.E.T. castings and automatically locks the latches once attached to ensure safe handling.

The unique engineering solution enables easy removal of the hook from the G.E.T. once moved and is quicker than attaching threaded d-shackles.

Developed in 2019, the product is already proving popular across a number of mine sites and looks set to become part of regular site maintenance safety protocols and tool kits.

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