Steel Recycling at CR’s Foundry

Our foundry recycles scrap steel to reduce our environmental footprint. We turn scrap into world-class mining components.

May 6, 2021

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Did you know that CR’s Maryborough Foundry manufacturing process is based almost entirely on the recycling of scrap steel in order to produce new world-class high productivity components for use in the global mining industry?

Reducing our environmental impact as possible as possible is a high priority.

CR recovers a significant volume of scrap steel items from its customers and also recovers all waste steel from its manufacturing process. Nothing steel goes to waste reflecting steel’s endless life cycle and value in society.

Over the last 12 months, our Maryborough Foundry produced approximately 1500 tonnes of saleable product that was made 1500 tonnes of waste scrap steel. This represents a positive environmental outcome.

Scrap steel ready to be recycled at CR's Maryborough Foundry
Scrap steel ready to be recycled at CR’s Maryborough Foundry

Beyond recycling steel, we also reuse sand for our casting moulds.

Lower Carbon Emissions

Our foundry is equipped with electric arc furnaces, which is a lower carbon emission process compared to other steel-making processes.


CR's Maryborough Foundry Furnace in action
CR’s Furnace in action
Melting down steel at CR's Maryborough Foundry
Melting down steel at the Foundry

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