Excavator Bucket Teeth Guide

There's not a single kind of excavator bucket tooth that fits all mining operations. It's a continuous process that involves identifying the specifications of the job and using those specifications to determine what teeth best meets our customers requirements. Find out how CR selects the right kind of bucket teeth for any operation.

June 9, 2021

What role do excavator bucket teeth play?

Excavator bucket teeth are ground engaging tools that are fitted to earth-moving equipment. They play an important role in the mining process, as they displace the terrain in order to facilitate further mining operations. 

There are different kinds of teeth, each with its own shape that is optimized for a specific purpose.

What are excavator bucket teeth made of?

There are two methods used to manufacture excavator bucket teeth: forging and casting.

Forged bucket teeth are made from a steel alloy that has been heat-treated to increase strength and durability.

Cast bucket teeth are either made from a low alloy steel with nickel or molybdenum to improve strength and prevent corrosion, or an austempered ductile iron that has been heat-treated for wear and impact strength.

How to choose the right excavator bucket teeth

There is not a single kind of excavator bucket teeth that fits all mining operations. Selecting the right kind of teeth involves identifying the specifications of the job and then using those specifications to determine what teeth best meet those specifications.


Different mining operations bring different sources of wear and tear, abrasions, and stress. The excavator bucket teeth must be made from a hard enough material that can withstand specific digging conditions. An example of highly durable teeth are those made from austempered ductile iron combined with special manufacturing, heating, and casting techniques. 

Wear Life

Excavator bucket teeth made from harder materials can withstand a lot of wear and tear, but they lose strength with increased usage. The decision to replace excavator bucket teeth to fit a certain mining operation is important, as it introduces a short-term cost that can save maintenance time and money in the long run. 


The purpose of excavator bucket teeth is to penetrate the ground, therefore the sharpness of the teeth is a very important balance to get right. If the teeth are too blunt, they will require extra power from the excavator. This means more stress on the machine as well as excessive fuel consumption. However, if the teeth are too sharp they will have a more difficult time creating a smoother hole or trench, and their lifespan will be drastically reduced. 


It is important that, when penetrating the ground, the excavator bucket teeth are able to resist the high breakout forces that come with the impact. This means pairing the correct teeth with their corresponding adapter, otherwise the pressure from the ground will cause pin breakages.


How much do excavator bucket teeth cost?

Like with any hardware, the cost of excavator bucket teeth fluctuates depending on the quantity that the job requires. Contact us so we can ensure that you get the teeth you need for your next mining operation at a competitive price.