CQMS Razer signs Austmine partnership

CQMS Razer is proud to announce its new partnership with METS industry body Austmine

April 2, 2019

New Partnership With Austmine

CQMS Razer is proud to announce its new partnership with Austmine, the leading industry body for the Australian Mining Equipment, Technology and Services sector.

CQMS Razer recognises the partnership with Austmine is an important channel for their staff to be part of national discussions around future trends and technologies in the mining sector.

CQMS Razer is committed to innovation and encouraging its staff to design and engineer technology solutions for mines now and into the future.

Strengthening Our Australian Presence

The partnership is a logical step for the company as it continues to strengthen its Australian market presence.

The new partnership with Austmine will provide CQMS Razer staff access to regular industry and networking events, plus training opportunities to enhance their skills and further their career with the company as it continues to grow into the future.

CQMS Razer will be attending the Austmine new members event on Wednesday 3 April in Brisbane where they will join fellow mining sector partners, collaborators, suppliers and buyers to discuss new initiatives and trends across the mining industry.