GET Trakka™

Your mine site insurance policy.

The ultimate solution to detecting broken and lost G.E.T. on your mine site in real-time.

  • G.E.T. loss detection

  • Prevent crusher downtime events

  • Locate lost G.E.T.

  • Safety and prevention

G.E.T. Loss Detection

Undetected G.E.T. losses can lead to catastrophic crusher events causing costly mine site closures and delays. The GET Trakka solution is the only product package offering G.E.T. detection both on and off the bucket. Using embedded sensors and intelligent engineering the GET Trakka solution gives you G.E.T. control you’ve never had access to before. The system provides real-time in-cab alarms to ensure the operator can make effective on-the-spot decisions to ensure your mine site reduces crusher events, equipment downtime, and increases productivity.


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Installation Schematic

GET Trakka features displayed on a hydraulic excavator example

On the bucket/machine

Rugged embedded IoT G.E.T. sensors communicate with machine gateway to detect if G.E.T. is still locked in position.

Off the bucket

When G.E.T. goes missing, the portable reader can be activated to rapidly establish the location of the missing component.

Safety and Prevention

G.E.T. loss events can present significant safety issues to those retrieving the G.E.T.. With GET Trakka’s immediate alarm notifications, rapid action can take place and G.E.T. can be retrieved easily and without injury.

Continued digging after G.E.T. losses exposes the lip to premature wear. GET Trakka allows rapid G.E.T. loss detection and ensures the machine stops digging and new G.E.T. installed before digging recommences saving on costly maintenance.

GET Trakka detects G.E.T. before it reaches and damages crusher machines which prevents downtime and increases overall productivity.

Mine worker looking at insights on a computer provided by CR GET Trakka
  • Reliable alarm notifications

  • Rapid return to production

  • IoT enabled detection system

  • No dangerous G.E.T. extractions in crusher

Product Analysis & Reporting

High value digging and haulage data is captured by the network of wireless sensors. GET Trakka™ provides tracking reports on individual loss events and the times and locations these occurred to enable a root cause analysis of the breakage.

Other reports can consist of individual component data, change out times and the operational effectiveness of your G.E.T. Customers also have access to a dashboard that displays custom G.E.T. data to help with your data driven decisions and applications.

  • Maintenance scheduling

  • Record G.E.T. loss events

  • Performance benchmarking

  • Supplied sensor movement graph

Bucket Scoops
Machine Performance
Maintenance Planning
G.E.T. Breakage
Mine & Plant Uptime
G.E.T. Change Out interval
Operator Efficiency
G.E.T. Component Reliability
G.E.T. Usage
Predicted Change Out
G.E.T. Metrics
G.E.T. Digging Temperature
High Impact Events
Truck Cycle Times

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