RazerEdge Cast Lip WA Lithium Mine

No cast lip maintenance required after 15,000 hours in operation.


Pilbara, Western Australia


Digging Conditions
High Impact/High Abrasion

Hydraulic Excavator

Make & Model
Liebherr R9200

The Challenge

A Western Australia Lithium Mine operator wanted to achieve better overall bucket payload performance by introducing a new cast lip and box point system. CR Mining worked with the mine operator to provide the solution.

The Solution

CR Mining’s experienced field technicians and engineers, worked with the mine operator to review the abrasion conditions and existing maintenance downtime schedules. CR Mining recommended the RazerEdge Cast Lip solution with SP box points to provide better performance in the conditions.

An optimized CR Mining wear package was designed after completing a 3D bucket scan and working closely with an experienced bucket shop to provide complete coverage of the bucket.

The RazerEdge Cast Lip range has been designed to replace outdated plate lip systems, on 200t to 500t excavator machines delivering maintenance and productivity improvements in all types of applications, including Lithium, Iron Ore and Coal in Australia, Coal in Indonesia, Silver in America and Gold globally.

RazerEdge Cast Lips are specifically engineered to remove the weaknesses that are associated with weld on adapters and GET by removing the weld on adapters. This advantage offered the mine operator significant savings in maintenance hours and costs, and in turn increased machine availability significantly.

CR Mining used data from the CR Digital Titan monitoring system to deliver real-time performance metrics on payload accuracy, operator variability and fleet efficiency with the new RazerEdge Cast Lip and SP box points setup.

The Impact

With CR Mining expert advice and the optimized RazerEdge Cast Lip and SP box points, the Mine operator has achieved outstanding productivity performance benefits including reduced maintenance costs, optimized bucket design and increased average payload.

The productivity results led to improved maintenance practices on the site including changes so wear packages are designed to last as long as the RazerEdge Cast Lips. The Q&T wear strips and plates have been eliminated and replaced with an optimal full CR Mining Pac Plate wear package.

  • Increased production rate on average by up to 7.5%
  • Comparable fill energy required to fill larger capacity bucket
  • Achieved on average up to truck moved per hour
  • Comparable cycle time even with larger capacity bucket
  • Increased truck payloads by an average of up to 1t per truck
  • No Cast Lip maintenance required after 15,000hrs in operation while the buckets wear package was replaced three times
  • Improved machine availability

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