GET Trakka™: Safeguarding Mines from Costly Crusher Events

GET Trakka provides the ultimate solution to detecting broken and lost GET in real-time.


Labrador, Canada

Iron Ore

Digging Conditions

Rope Shovels

Make & Model
P&H 2800

The Challenge

An iron ore mine in Canada sought an effective GET (Ground Engaging Tool) loss detection system to curtail costly crusher events stemming from broken GET. Previous attempts with other solutions yielded limited success, leading to an average downtime of six days per crusher event, and running a mixed fleet of machines with different GET types added to the challenge.

Experience with other GET loss detection solutions exposed two challenges. The first was a high incidence of false alarms, impeding operational efficiency and eroding confidence in system reliability.

The second was difficulty locating missing components, including teeth, adapters, and shrouds, posing a risk of future crusher jams.

The Solution

In response to this challenge, the iron ore mine embraced GET Trakka as a definitive solution to tackle the recurrent crusher event conundrum.

GET Trakka addressed the shortcomings of previous loss detection systems driven by its sensor-based architecture. GET Trakka offers immediate feedback, dependable alarms, and user-friendly installation, ensuring trustworthy performance for seamless mining operations.

The system provided rapid detection of GET loss, reducing false alarms and building confidence in the system. Its portable reader enabled the quick recovery of lost components, streamlining retrieval processes and limiting downtime to two hours.

GET Trakka_Rope Shovel

Example of the GET Dashboard capturing a breakage event. Tooth 2 is lost and no longer represents a standard digging operation, giving accurate times and dates when the loss occurred.

The Outcome

0 Crusher Events

2hrs Maximum Outages Compared to 6 Days

6 Average Losses Detected / Month

The Impact

Since GET Trakka was installed, the iron ore mine has seen:

  • Zero crusher events
  • Reduced GET-loss-related downtime from 6 days to 2 hours, including retrieval of the missing component
  • Reliable, rapid detection and alarms provided to operators
  • Thousands of high-risk person-hours spent on crusher blockage extraction eliminated
  • Thousands of hours of throughput capacity protected from unplanned downtime
  • Regular reports and GET data available to the site
  • Event log captured and monitored
  • Return on investment is realized after one crusher event is prevented

The customer’s robust inclination towards CR’s tooth loss detection technology has resulted in the intention of adopting GET Trakka across all their machines.

With rapid feedback, reliable alarms, and easy installation, GET Trakka guarantees dependable performance, enhancing the efficiency of mining operations.


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